Wood Fired Oven

Contents in the box:

  • Wood Fired Oven
  • Stand
  • Oven plate
  • Pizza peel

How to use your Wood Fired Oven

  1. Build a fire on one side of your Kadai Firebowl.
  2. Put your Wood Fired Oven on its stand, with one leg facing forwards and two at the back; then carefully place it over the fire.
  3. Build up the fire at the back of the Wood Fired Oven and ensure the flames are visible inside.
  4. Allow 30 minutes for the Oven to reach a reasonable cooking temperature. NB: This may vary depending on the outside temperature.
  5. Now you can enjoy cooking pizzas, vegetables, cakes and much more.

Care and maintenance of your Wood Fired Oven

  • The Wood Fired Oven is designed to be used on a Firebowl of 70cm diameter or larger, that is stood on a Gothic Stand.
  • It is recommended and designed only to be used in a Kadai Firebowl.
  • Handle with care - get your Oven out of the box by lifting at the top lip of the main opening and then, going forward, carry it using both hands firmly under the base.
  • We do not advise using paper to light the fire as this can cause ash to blow around the Oven.
  • We recommend using hardwood as a fuel, also make sure your kindling and logs are dry for a good fire.
  • Natural clay will absorb water - so always keep the Wood Fired Oven dry. When not in use keep covered or indoors.