Table Kadai

Contents in the box:

  • Table Kadai bowl
  • Stand
  • Heat resistant cork mat
  • Skewer x2
  • Grill
  • Tongs

How to use your Table Kadai

  1. Place the heat resistant cork mat, stand and bowl on a level surface. NB: The mat is not heatproof and will allow reduced heat through. We advise placing extra protection under the mat.
  2. Start a fire with kindling and firelighters, then add charcoal.
  3. Do not cook before the fuel has a coating of ash and is grey/white in colour.
  4. The charcoal should have a coating of ash and be grey/white in colour before starting to cook. 
  5. Allow 20-30 minutes for charcoal to heat up before cooking. 

Care and maintenance of your Table Kadai

  • The Table Kadai will take on a natural oxidised finish, this is part of the character of the bowl.
  • Periodically use an abrasive pad on the bowl and stand to clean, then apply a thin coat of Owatrol Oil.
  • All of this can be achieved with the Kadai Care Kit.
  • Regular use of vegetable oil on the grill will keep it in good condition.
  • The grill is pre-coated with cooking oil that has been heated to cure it - this will burn off during first use.
  • We recommend that the grill is cleaned with a scouring pad and hot soapy water before reapplying vegetable oil and storing in a dry place.
  • Store your Table Kadai inside for years of use. If left outside the finish may break down; if so clean vigorously, heat to a medium temperature to drive off any moisture and then wipe over with a little vegetable oil.

For your safety:

  • The Table Kadai is for outdoor use only. Do not use indoors.
  • Only use firelighters that comply with EN 1860-3. Do not use spirits or petrol for lighting or relighting.

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