Roasting Oven


  • Roasting Oven
  • Handle
  • Food Grill

How to use your Roasting Oven

  1. Place your food on the food grill inside the Roasting Oven, shut the lid and clasp, then use the handle to nestle the Roasting Oven into the fire.
  2. Use the handle to carefully lift the Roasting Oven out of the fire NB: Take care as the Oven gets very hot - use the Kadai Gloves when handling.

The Roasting Oven was not designed to be water tight. If you want to keep liquids inside then line with foil, or make a greaseproof paper parcel and cook 'en papillote'.

Care and maintenance of your Roasting Oven

  • Wash in hot, soapy water, then dry and apply a thin coat of cooking oil to the inside. 
See the Roasting Oven in action here.

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