Victoria Gazebo


  • Curved upper leg x4
  • Lower leg x4
  • Roof
  • Set of nuts and bolts including spanner

How to assemble the Victoria Gazebo:

  1. Fit the curved upper legs to the lower legs using the nuts and bolts provided. NB: The spikes should be at the bottom of the legs once finished.
  2. Bolt one leg to the ring of the roof at the curved end.
  3. Then fit the other leg on the opposite side and stand the Gazebo up on its two legs. NB: It is useful to now have someone stabilising the frame.
  4. Attach the other two legs to the ring of the roof.
  5. Once all the legs are fitted tighten the bolts and push the spikes into the ground to secure the Gazebo.

Care and maintenance of the Victoria Gazebo

  •  The Victoria Gazebo is made from solid steel and will give many years of use and pleasure with little care needed.
  • The Victoria Gazebo is provided with a burnt wax finish which is designed to oxidise gracefully. This gives a lovely rust finish and blends in with plants and surroundings.
  • To maintain and preserve the metal remove any soil, rub down lightly with an abrasive pad and apply a coat of Owatrol Oil - available here.