Firebowl Table

Care & Use Instruction

Setting Up Your Firebowl

1. Set up the Table on a level surface.

2. Cover the bottom of the bowl evenly with Kadai Beads. Kadai Beads ensure your Firebowl will retain heat for longer, help to prevent burning the ground underneath and protect the bowl. They also raise the level of the charcoal closer to the Grill and importantly filter out any rainwater.

3. Place the Kadai Filter over the washer at the bottom of the Bowl.


Using your Firebowl

1. Start a fire with kindling and firelighters.

2. If using the Table to cook on, try using a mix of charcoal and wood for added flavour. The charcoal should have a coating of ash and be white in colour before starting to cook.

3. Once you have finished cooking you can continue using the Kadai as a Firebowl by lifting off the Grill with the Tongs provided and adding wood to get the fire going. NB: Use kiln dried wood for best results and to reduce smoke. Start with smaller pieces and gradually add increasing sizes of logs as the fire develops.

Please note: When the Firebowl is in use and at its hottest temperature, the table will get warm so be careful leaving glasses unattended for a long period of time.

Care & maintenance of your Firebowl

The Firebowl will naturally oxidise, this is part of the character of the bowl.

Periodically use a scotch pad on the Bowl and Table Stand to remove any loose rust, then apply a thin coat of Owatrol oil or cooking oil.

Regular vegetable oiling of the Grill will keep it in good condition.

All of this can be achieved with the Kadai Care Kit – sold separately.

We recommend your Firebowl is protected with the Firebowl Table Shield during the winter months.

Care & Maintenance of your table

Your Firebowl Table is made from environmentally sourced mango wood. This is a hardwood which is strong, durable and highly water resistant making it ideal for outdoor garden furniture. Left alone, the natural colour of hardwood garden furniture will weather to a soft, silver grey. This process will take 6 to 12 months, depending on the climate and are in which you live and the amount of exposure to the elements. Those imperfections that are inherent features of the wood will become more pronounced over time, giving the garden furniture a rich, natural beauty. Like all outdoor furniture, to maintain the colour and to protect the wood it is advisable to apply a thin coat of teak oil or natural deck oil once a year. The frequency of this will depend on the positioning and exposure to the elements of your item. Doing this will help to protect the wood, making it more water resistant. Oils have the ability to penetrate the table, maintaining its natural oils, nourishing it and helping to enhance its natural grain.

For Your Safety

The Kadai Firebowl is for outdoor use only. Do not use indoors.

Only use firelighters that comply with EN 1860-3. Do not use spirits or petrol for lighting or re-lighting.

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