Charcoal Maker

Charcoal is made by heating wood in the absence of oxygen and driving off all the moisture and then burning off the impurities, leaving a near pure form of carbon. You can use any wood but preferably hardwood as this will produce a better grade of charcoal than softwood and will burn for longer. Suggested hardwoods are oak, hazel or beech.

How to use your Charcoal Maker

  1. Split some dry, well-seasoned logs into 3-8cm wide strips, or gather some branches and sticks from your garden.
  2. Use the opening tool provided to prise off one end cap and pack the wood tightly into the Charcoal Maker - 6.5kg of wood will produce approximately 1.5kg of charcoal.
  3. Clear any residue from the chimney holes with the spike provided.
  4. Build up a fire in the Firebowl to get a good bed of hot embers, then nestle in the Charcoal Maker as low as possible.
  5. Carefully build up the fire around it and try to maintain a moderate heat for around 2 hours. NB: Be aware that if the fire gets too hot it may damage the Charcoal Maker.
  6. During the first hour steam will come out of the chimneys, then during the second hour the burnt off gases will produce a yellow flame. Carefully remove the Charcoal Maker from the fire once the flame is no longer yellow and leave up to 12 hours to completely cool.

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