Charcoal Maker

Thank you for purchasing the Charcoal Maker, the first of its kind to produce ethical environmentally friendly charcoal at home.

Charcoal is made by heating wood in the absence of oxygen and driving off all the moisture and then burning off the impurities, leaving a near pure form of carbon. You can use any wood but preferably hardwood as this will produce a better grade of charcoal than softwood and will burn for longer. Suggested hardwoods are oak, hazel or beech.

Using your Charcoal Maker:

1. First split some dry well seasoned logs into 2.5cm – 5cm wide strips or gather some branches and sticks from your garden. Cut to length so they will fit in the Charcoal Maker.

2. Using the opening tool provided, prise off an end cap and pack the wood tightly into the Charcoal Maker. 6.5kg of wood will produce approximately 1.5kg of charcoal.

3. Clear any residue from the chimney holes with the spike provided.

4. Build up a fire in your Kadai Firebowl to get a good bed of hot embers burning, alternatively after you have finished barbecuing the charcoals should still be hot enough. When ready, nestle your Charcoal Maker into the middle of the fire bowl as low as possible.

5. Carefully build up your fire around it with small sticks and larger pieces of wood on top.

6. It will take a couple of hours for the process to be complete so maintain a moderate heat during this time. During the first hour steam will be seen coming from the chimneys and end caps, then during the second hour the gases will be burnt off producing a yellow flame. Carefully remove from the fire once the gases have finished burning off.

7. Be Aware that if the fire is allowed to get too hot the Charcoal Maker may be damaged.

ATTENTION! DO NOT be tempted to open the Charcoal Maker until the following day when it has completely cooled as hot charcoal will burn in the presence of oxygen.


· Try using fruit woods which will add extra flavour to your barbecue.

· Ask children to find the wood, then demonstrate how it’s transformed into charcoal.

Guarantee Conditions:

Your Kadai Accessory is guaranteed for 1 year against manufacturing defects.

The Wilstone conditions of guarantee only apply to material and/or construction faults already present at delivery. Excluded are defects arising from wrong or improper use of the accessory such as damage by corrosive substances, incorrect maintenance, repair by non- experts, as well as damages occurring from not following or incorrect use of the instructions.

If your Kadai accessory develops a warranty fault then it is your responsibility to return your accessory to the place of original purchase along with the receipt.

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