How to set up your Firebowl/Firepit

  1. Set up the bowl on a level surface.
  2. Cover the bottom of the bowl evenly with Kadai Beads. Kadai Beads ensure your Firebowl/Firepit will retain heat for longer, help to prevent burning the ground underneath and protect the bowl. They also raise the level of the charcoal closer to the grill and importantly filter out any rainwater. We recommend 2.5L of Kadai Beads for a 40/50cm bowl, 5L for a 60cm bowl, 7.5L for a 70cm bowl, 10L for an 80cm bowl, 15L for a 100cm bowl and 20L for a 120cm bowl.
How to use your Firebowl/Firepit

  1. Start a fire with kindling and firelighters.
  2. Try cooking with a mix of charcoal and wood for added flavour - the charcoal should have a coating of ash and be grey/white in colour before starting to cook.
  3. Once you have finished cooking you can continue using the Kadai as a firebowl by lifting off the grill with the tongs provided and adding wood to get the fire going. NB: Use kiln dried wood for best results and to reduce smoke. Start with smaller pieces and gradually add larger logs as the fire develops.

Care and maintenance of your Firebowl/Firepit

  • The Firebowl will take on a natural finish, this is part of the character of the bowl.
  • Periodically use an abrasive pad on the bowl and stand to remove any loose rust, then apply a thin coat of Owatrol Oil.
  • All of this can be achieved with the Kadai Care Kit - sold separately.
  • Regular vegetable oiling of the grill will keep it in good condition.
  • We recommend that your Firebowl/Firepit is stored undercover or protected, if possible, with the Kadai Shield when not in use.

For your safety:

  •  The Kadai Firebowl/Firepit is for outdoor use only. Do not use indoors.
  • Only use firelighters that comply with EN 1860-3. Do not use spirits or petrol for lighting or re-lighting.

Guarantee conditions

 Your Kadai Firebowl is guaranteed for 1 year with the use of Kadai Beads against manufacturing defects. This can be extended to 5 years by filling out the online form.

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