Charcoal Starter

Thank you for purchasing the Kadai Charcoal Starter, a simple, quick and effective way to bring charcoal up to temperature.

Using your Charcoal Starter:

1. Put your Kadai Firebowl on the stand remembering to check there is approximately 8 - 10cm of Kadai Beads in the bowl.

2. Fill your Charcoal Starter almost to the top, with briquettes or lumpwood charcoal.

3. Place firelighters or scrunched up newspapers in the centre of the Kadai and light.

4. Position the Charcoal Starter over the top of the flames.

5. It will take about 10 minutes for the charcoal to be ready for use; you will see a red glow coming from the bottom but the charcoal at the top should still be black.

6. Using a heatproof glove, tip the charcoal directly into your Kadai and put the Charcoal Starter aside to cool.

7. Using your tongs spread the hot charcoal out and place your grills in the Kadai.

8. Do not cook before the fuel has a coating of ash and is grey/white in colour.

For your safety:

· ATTENTION! Do not to let the Charcoal Starter get too hot as this will damage the handle and make tipping the charcoal out dangerous.

· WARNING! The Charcoal Starter will remain hot for some time, so keep children and pets away.


· Using Charcoal Briquettes in your Charcoal Starter will double the effective cooking time but will take an additional 10 minutes to reach cooking temperature.

· For large barbecues use the Charcoal Starter to get an initial amount of charcoal hot and add more charcoal over the top piling up like a pyramid and leave to heat through.

Guarantee Conditions:

Your Kadai Accessory is guaranteed for 1 year against manufacturing defects.

The Wilstone conditions of guarantee only apply to material and/or construction faults already present at delivery. Excluded are defects arising from wrong or improper use of the accessory such as damage by corrosive substances, incorrect maintenance, repair by non- experts, as well as damages occurring from not following or incorrect use of the instructions.

If your Kadai accessory develops a warranty fault then it is your responsibility to return your accessory to the place of original purchase along with the receipt.

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