Stone Griddle Plate

Thank you for purchasing a Stone Griddle Plate with metal ring and 3 chains. As the Stone Griddle Plate is made from natural soapstone, hairline cracks may appear when heated which is normal for this kind of stone. Any cracks will close when it cools down and open slightly when the stone is hot but this will not affect its performance.

IMPORTANT: The Stone Griddle must be at room temperature (20 °C) before being heated.

Rapid changes in temperature may cause the stone to crack.

Using your Stone Griddle Plate:

1. The Stone Griddle is designed to be used with the metal supporting ring and 3 chains suspended above a fire using the Kadai Cooking Tripod and Chain.

2. Before cooking, apply a thin layer of cooking oil to the Stone Griddle with a paper towel and wipe off any excess oil.

3. Allow the Griddle Stone to heat up slowly by starting with the tripod chain as short as possible and gradually lengthen the chain to lower the Stone Griddle closer to the fire.

4. For best results allow it to heat up fully before starting to cook.

5. After you have finished cooking remove the Griddle Stone from the Cooking Tripod by holding the chain.

6. Use a wooden spatula to scrape off any food residue while the slab is still hot.

7. Always let the Stone Griddle cool down naturally and reach room temperature before washing with warm soapy water.

ATTENTION! Please take great care as the Stone Griddle Plate will get very hot and retain heat for a considerable length of time.


· To remove the Stone Griddle from the metal supporting ring, place it on top of a flower pot or something similar and lower the supporting ring down.

· Charcoal briquettes will double your cooking time as they burn for longer.

Guarantee Conditions:

Your Kadai Accessory is guaranteed for 1 year against manufacturing defects.

The Wilstone conditions of guarantee only apply to material and/or construction faults already present at delivery. Excluded are defects arising from wrong or improper use of the accessory such as damage by corrosive substances, incorrect maintenance, repair by non- experts, as well as damages occurring from not following or incorrect use of the instructions.

If your Kadai accessory develops a warranty fault then it is your responsibility to return your accessory to the place of original purchase along with the receipt.

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