Set of 3 Skillets

This hand-crafted Cookware Accessory has a protective, food-safe coating for transportation and will require a traditional curing process prior to use:

  1. To remove the coating wash vigorously in warm, soapy water.
  2. Dry thoroughly and apply a thin coat of cooking oil.
  3. Heat to a high temperature - the oil may smoke a little but this is part of the curing process.
  4. Repeat this process several times until an even ‘black’ coat is achieved.

You can repeat the curing process whenever necessary to keep your Skillets in good condition, as cooking or heating some foods may degrade the oiled finish. 

 After every use:

  1. Wash after each use and heat to a medium temperature to drive off any moisture.
  2. Then wipe over with a little cooking oil. NB: If the Skillets are going to be put away for an extended period of time then we recommend that they are oiled both inside and out for greater protection.

The more the Skillets are used the better the natural, non-stick finish becomes.

Do not clean in the dishwasher as this will remove the natural oiled finish.

Store your Skillets inside for years of use. If left outside the finish may break down; if so clean vigorously and follow the steps above.

Use the lifting handle provided to remove the Skillets from the heat. 

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