Reclaimed Teak Table

How to assemble the Teak Table:

  1. Lay the table top upside down, so the two metal plates are facing upwards. NB: The table and cast iron base are very heavy - take care when lifting.
  2. Using the spanner provided, undo and remove the black bolt heads from each metal plate.
  3. Select the correct cast iron base for each side according to the lettering and numbering on them.
  4. Bolt one side onto the metal plate using the black bolts you removed in step 2. NB: Extra washers have been supplied to be used as spacers, if needed, between the metal plate and iron base. Due to the handmade nature of the product, it is not possible to guarantee that everything is totally flat.
  5. Insert the support pole into the hole in the attached cast iron base and tighten.
  6. Position the second iron base on its metal plate, then fit the support pole.
  7. Bolt this side down using the black bolts you removed in step 2.
  8. Tighten the support pole on this side.
  9. Carefully turn the table over - this will be very heavy.

Care and maintenance of the Teak Table:

  • Either apply a teak oil, but note that this will slightly darken the table so do a test area first.
  • Alternatively, for a more natural finish, scrub with a mixture of hot soapy water and lemon juice.
  • If a lighter silvered appearance is desired, add a little bit of bleach to the mix.
  • These last two options will also help to remove any moss or green algae.

The teak wood has been specially selected from Rajasthan where it was used as ceiling boards for 100-200 years. This means that the wood will be very dry and there will be some movement as the wood naturalises to the British climate.