Susie Gazebo


  • Curved side panel x3
  • Leg x4
  • Roof section x4
  • Crown
  • Seat section x4 (1 seat with 4 legs and 3 seats with 2 legs)
  • Set of nuts and bolts including spanner

How to assemble the Susie Gazebo:

1. Fit your four seat sections together using the nuts and bolts provided. NB: The first seat will be the one with four legs and do not tighten the nuts and bolts until the end.
2. Place the connected seats into the desired final gazebo position.
3. Fit the first leg to a curved side panel. NB: Four holes are in the top of each leg to attach it to the roof. There are two edge legs and two middle legs - the edge legs have holes down one side to attach it to the curved side panel, whilst the middle legs have holes down both sides.
4. Continue fitting all the legs to curved side panels.
5. Now bolt the seats to the curved side panels and legs.
There are two ways to fit the roof depending on how many people are building the Susie Gazebo:
6.1. On the floor fit two roof panels together with nuts and bolts, then continue with the other two roof panels.
6.2. Fit the crown on top of the roof.
6.3. Lift the roof up and onto the Gazebo legs, then bolt in place. NB: Each roof panel should fit onto two legs.
7.1. Lift one roof section onto the top of the legs and bolt in place, then fit another roof section onto the top of the legs and to the first attached roof section. Continue this with the remaining roof sections.

7.2. Fit the crown on top of the roof.

8. Finally, tighten up all the bolts.

Care and maintenance of the Susie Gazebo

  •  The Susie Gazebo is made from solid steel and will give many years of use and pleasure with little care needed.
  • The Susie Gazebo is provided with a burnt wax finish which is designed to oxidise gracefully. This gives a lovely rust finish and blends in with plants and surroundings.
  • To maintain and preserve the metal remove any soil, rub down lightly with an abrasive pad and apply a coat of Owatrol Oil .