Care Kit

Contents of Kadai Bag:

  • 125ml Owatrol Oil
  • Oil brush
  • Abrasive Pad x4
  • Cotton Cloth x2

How to use your Care Kit:

  1. Using the abrasive pad, rub down your Firebowl and Stand to remove any loose rust. NB: Do not take back to bare metal as Owatrol Oil adheres to lightly rusted areas.
  2. Use the oil brush to apply a thin coat of Owatrol Oil to the inside and outside of the bowl.
  3. Use a cotton cloth to evenly spread out  the oil, remove any excess and achieve an even sheen. Once dry the bowl will have a lightly oiled finish. If required apply further coats for greater protection after 3-4 hours.
  4. Leave for 24 hours before lighting the Kadai.
Check out our video to see how we use the Care Kit.

The Firebowl will take on a natural rust, this is part of the character of the bowl. We recommend that the Kadai bowl is coated with Owatrol Oil at least once a year. This technique can NOT be used on any Cookware Accessories.

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