Avalon Gazebo


  • Large frame section (a) x2
  • Side frame (b) x2
  • Long bar (c) x2
  • Short curved bar (d) x2
  • Finial (e)
  • Nuts and bolts
  • 6 mm Masonry drill bit
  • Masonry fixings x16
How to assemble the Avalon Gazebo:

  1. Place the two large frame sections (a) on a flat surface opposite each other, with the square corner plates on the floor.
  2. Connect the top of the large frame sections to the finial (e) with four nuts and bolts. NB: Do not tighten these yet.
  3. Fit the side frames (b) to the large frames by sliding the ends into the sleeves on the square corner plates.
  4. Then, fit the long bars (c) to each side frame by sliding the sides into the sleeves on the middle of the side frame. Connect these to the finial (e) with four nuts and bolts.
  5. Bolt the short curved bars (d) to the tabs on the corresponding large frame (a).
  6. Tighten up all the nuts and bolts.
  7. Now the pillars need to be put into position. NB: The pillars are very heavy, so care must be taken when moving them. Due to the handmade nature of the pillars it is best not to bolt these down until everything is lined up. Use the made up frame as a guide for positioning the pillars - place it in its final position on the floor and mark around the square corner plates for the base of the pillars.
  8. Once the four pillars are in position lift the metal frame up and carefully sit it on top of the pillars. NB: The more people to help the better - 8 is the ideal number for each pillar and the frame.
  9. Position the square corner plates of the frame in the centre of the pillar tops and attach using the drill bit and masonry fixings supplied. 
  10. Step back to check the pillars are lined up and straight - they may need some adjusting. Then fix them to the floor (fixings not supplied).