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Bring warmth, comfort and atmosphere to your outdoor space with our range of versatile Fire Pits. For centuries, the Kadai has been associated with cooking fragrant and delicious curries across Rajasthan. Now adapted into a functional Fire Pit BBQ, the beautiful Kadai bowls are handmade from recycled mild steel by family workshops in India.

Kadai Fire Pits have revolutionised the way we entertain at home. They are the ultimate combination of BBQ and firepit in one. With over 70 award-winning accessories, a Kadai fire pit is one of the most versatile fire pits on the market, able to cook almost anything. 

Each Kadai Fire Pit is fitted with a unique filter system that enables you to leave your bowl outside all year round. Also included with every Fire Pit are our unique Kadai Beads, which have several significant benefits for your firepit, such as storing the heat, insulating the ground, protecting the Fire Pit from any hot ash and raising the charcoal closer to the grill.

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