Potting Table

Care & Use

Contents in the box:

  • Potting Table body
  • 4 x Legs (with bolts attached)
  • Shelf
  • Spanner

Tools required:

  • Flat head screwdriver

Assembly instructions:

  1. Remove the two drawers by pulling them fully out and then tilting them upwards until they come free.
  2. Carefully place the body of Table Top upside down. NB: do not lean on the top as it may bend.
  3. Remove the bolts from the legs, pair each leg with the corresponding number on the Potting Table, line up the holes and attach the legs with the bolts using the supplied spanner.
  4. With the unit still upside-down line up the shelf with the corresponding number and fit bolts accordingly. NB: the shelf must also be upside-down whilst doing this.
  5. Carefully turn the Potting Table the correct way up and put the drawers back in.
  6. Tip: do not fully tighten the bolts; leave them loose until all are attached and tighten them at the end.

Please Note:

  • The Potting Table is not designed to be left outdoors - if it gets too wet the wooden sliding top may swell and become stiff to open.
  • It is light and portable, so it can be easily moved around the garden.
  • We also advise to leave the wooden top slightly open if you have damp compost in the compost store.
  • The Galvanised Tray supplied with the Potting Table is to help cover and protect the wooden drawer, as well as for your use and ease of carrying recently potted plants around the garden.

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