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At Home Halloween


Halloween is an ancient celebration full of spooky tales and creepy costumes, however this year is going to be very different from how we are used to celebrating. But have no fear as Kadai is here to help you plan the perfect at-home Halloween party. It is said that bonfires were lit on All Hallows’ Eve to ward off evil spirits, so keep your ghosts at bay with an Original Kadai Firebowl. Their authentic look is the perfect centrepiece for your garden party and there is 10% off until October 31st*!

Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you can’t get dressed up in your scariest outfit – have a family costume competition. Also, keep everyone entertained with fun, classic activities like pumpkin decorating and a trick or treat treasure hunt around the garden. Throw on a spooky playlist and do the monster freeze dance, or grab a cardboard box and make a creepy Halloween feel box that is full of slimy surprises!


Not only will your Firebowl be warding off the evil spirits, but you can use it to create some tasty treats:

Witch’s Fingernails in Blood Soup - Try our Tomato Soup recipe and sprinkle flaked almonds on top – let the kids stir the cooking bowl like a real cauldron.

Devils on Horseback - Wrap bacon around prunes and pop them on the Marshmallow Fork over the flame for 5 minutes.

Petrifying Pizzas - Let everyone make their own pizzas using the Wood-fired Oven. Get creative with the toppings and create spooky scenes.

Meatball Spiders - Follow our tasty meatball recipe, but then transform them into spiders by giving them Twiglet legs!!!

Bat WingsThis simple trick is to mix some black food colouring in with BBQ sauce and cover your barbecued chicken wings with the mixture.

Finish off the evening with ghost stories around the roaring fire, a hot chocolate and toasted marshmallows.

*to get 10% off an Original Firebowl add code AUTUMN10 at checkout

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