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Kadai Covid-19 Statement

Kadai like so many business’s have imposed government guidelines, with our Shropshire shop closed until further notice. However, the warehouse and sales office remain open and are manned by a skeleton staff of eight, who are doing a brilliant job of keeping the Kadai business ticking over. I am extremely grateful for their dedication and hard work under difficult circumstances. Some are working from home, others independently to minimise risk, so please bear with us if order processing is taking a little longer or that the phones cannot be answered as timely as normal. 

Our stockists who have an on-line presence are still being supplied, so check out their websites, or order direct from us with dispatch currently set at 2 to 3 days. All products are still in stock and containers still arriving from India.


Lucy and Lisa are still working full time on our marketing, website and importantly social media to keep in touch with you, our valued customers. So please check out our Facebook and Instagram pages to see the wonderful Easter Kadai cooking recipes, ideas for kids to be involved or other stories and images. Please share any of your images or Kadai experiences on our social media pages or email them to lisa.price@wilstone.com. The remaining Kadai team have been furloughed, but are kept regularly in contact with developments and are all looking forward to returning back to work.

On a positive note, without the stress and time needed for our major shows like Chelsea Flower Show, I am able to spend time on the new Garden Range products by setting up the Wilstone Vegetable Garden. Here I can test the latest plant frames, raised beds and other essentials that will create a more self sufficient and sustainable way of life. Keep an eye out for the video’s and other posts to see how these are developing and pick up some ideas for your own garden.


For the safety and well being of our work force in India all Kadai workshops were closed on 22nd March, two days ahead of the Indian governments official lock down. This forward thinking enabled all our Rajasthan workers to return home to their villages before public transport was cancelled. Every worker was given a months wages in advance on 20th March to buy groceries and help them get through the crisis with a direct phone number to the workshops owner, should they encounter any difficulties.


The few migrant workers that are from out of Rajasthan state have been given accommodation, food and money so that they do not have to make the long journey home and are being well looked after.

The many small family businesses that make items for Kadai have been paid up to date, including stock that is ready but now cannot be delivered until after the lock down. Additional support is being offered as necessary to ensure that all parties will not face undue hardship during the crisis.

As yet I am pleased to say that there are no cases of Covid-19 infections with any of the Kadai workforce in India and we in the UK will continue to monitor and check on the well being of all our colleagues in India.

Our main supplier has offered their warehouse as an isolation centre should the need arise and it is being prepared for use just in case. They also are offering financial help to the local community with essential supplies and working with the Handicraft Federation to distribute 1000’s of PPE kits to Rajasthan hospitals.

Such is the family spirit in India that despite incredible hardships the country generally faces, the population are one of the most caring on earth, with a tradition and religion of looking after each other with kindness and generosity. 


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