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Christmas Gift Guide

Stuck on gift ideas this Christmas? We've got you covered. See below for some inspiration from our catalogue of handmade, sustainable products. 

Kadai Cookbook - £25

An excellent gift idea for any Kadai enthusiast or outdoor chef! This cookbook is a celebration of all things fire and food, born out of a love for being outdoors, entertaining on long summer evenings or simply just barbecuing.

Cookbook Cookbook_2

Set of 3 Skillets - £59

One of our most popular accessories, the Skillets come in three different sizes and are perfect for sizzling meat, fish and vegetables. They are equally useful inside as well as on the Kadai! A perfect set of sturdy & durable Skillets for any kitchen.

Skillets XM065_4

Kindling Cracker Original - £129

This excellent product pairs perfectly alongside a Kadai. The clever design makes it easy to split logs and crucially, keeps you safe. No need to use an axe, instead use the sledgehammer (sold separately) to split the firewood against the blade of the Kindling Cracker. Click the link to buy yours now. 

Kindling_Cracker KC100_2

Set of 6 Chai Glasses - £20

These elegant Chai Glasses are traditionally used throughout India to serve tea. At £20 they make for an excellent gift this Christmas. Whether for mulled wine or a summer tipple, they are perfect for parties, delivering drinks to your guests in their handy carrier.

Set_of_6_Chai_Glasses Set_of_6_Chai_Glass_giftguide

Sizzling Plate - £28

The Sizzling Plate is a brilliant accessory for cooking meat and fish. From perfectly seared steaks to sizzling prawns, this cast iron plate takes your meat and fish dishes to the next level. Cook over hot coals for an irresistible sizzle, then carefully transfer to the sustainably made mango wood tray for a stylish presentation to the table.

Sizzling_Plate XM262_3

Charcoal Maker - £39.50

Transforming wood into charcoal is easy with this unique accessory. Just fill it up, place it in a lit Kadai bowl, and let the magic happen while you cosy up to the fire. Once the maker has cooled, you’ve got homemade charcoal ready for your next barbecue. An excellent gift for any outdoor cooking enthusiast.

Charcoal_Maker Kadai02_07_23MattAustin_96

Set of 2 Teak Chopping Boards - £29.50

These simple and elegant teak chopping boards are an essential for any kitchen, indoors or out! They are a great way to prepare and serve food at your next barbecue.

Set_of_2_Chopping_Boards XM086_3

Table Kadai - £72.50

This compact and convenient Kadai enables you to barbecue directly at the table whilst chatting to friends and family. It comes complete with a set of 2 hand crafted skewers and a grill.

Table_Kadai Table_Kadai_2

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