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How to create a roaring bonfire in your Kadai

How to create a roaring Bonfire in your Kadai this Bonfire Night.

1. Place a large round log into the centre of your Kadai. This will provide the core of your bonfire to keep the fire burning.

2. Place a handful of natural wood wool firelighters onto the log, then create a 'Jenga' tower with small pieces of kindling as seen in the video.

3. The next step is to get longer logs or branches and rest them vertically on your round log. You can use whatever you have that works best for this, just ensure the wood is clean, dry, untreated and unpainted.

4. Continue placing wood around your round log until you are happy with the size of your bonfire.

5. We then placed a few smaller 12-inch pieces of hardwood around the edge of the woodpile.

6. Ensure you leave access to the firelighters, and when ready to light drop a lit firelighter into the middle of your Jenga tower, sit back and enjoy the bonfire with your favorite bonfire night tipple. 

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