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Respecting Our Wildlife This Bonfire Night

Protecting Our Wildlife 

Bonfire night is almost upon us and, here at Kadai, we enjoy having a bonfire in our Kadai Firebowl; gathered around the flickering flames on a crisp autumn evening.

One of the reasons that we relish using our Kadai Firebowl is the positive impact it can have on our environment versus a traditional bonfire.

We love wildlife and are passionate about safeguarding our natural environment. Protecting wildlife during bonfire night is extremely important, which is why the Kadai Firebowl is perfect. The Kadai is a contained vessel that sits above the ground, which means there is no danger of any of our sleepy, hibernating animal friends being caught underneath.

Here in the Wilstone garden, we have created a cosy home for hedgehogs to sleep peacefully through the winter.


We would urge anyone having a bonfire this year, to please thoroughly check the ground underneath before you light the fire or, even better, enjoy a bonfire in a Kadai Firebowl!

Please visit the British Hedgehog Preservation Society‚Äôs website for more information about how to keep our hedgehogs safe this Bonfire Night 

We hope you all have a Happy Halloween and have a wonderful and safe Bonfire Night celebration.

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