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Perfecting a Kadai Cocktail

Explore the cocktails you can make on your Kadai with endless combinations. We have loved experimenting with the Shropshire Distillery’s crafted gins this month, uncovering delicious new ways of garnishing and flavouring cocktails. Using three of their best-selling gins, we have created a Classic Tom Collins, Cherry & Honey Gin Smash, and a Spiced Plum & Ginger Gin Fizz. Check out all these wonderful concoctions in our NEW recipe section.

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A quick and easy way to garnish any gin cocktail is with grilled fruit. Carefully cut citrus fruits such as lime, lemon, and grapefruit into thin slices and grill over the Kadai flames. Grilling the fruit will tease out more of the citrus juices and give a beautiful smoky flavour. You can also try grilling other types of fruit - such as pineapple or watermelon for a fresh and sweet aroma.

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Featuring in our Spiced Plum & Ginger Gin Fizz creation, a purée is another great way to enjoy fruit in a cocktail. You can experiment with making different purées with pears, apples, damsons, or even kiwi. To make a purée, simply use chopped fruit and simmer in a Skillet with sugar, spices, and lemon. Once the fruit has stewed, blend it all together and add to a cocktail shaker with gin and ice for a unique and adventurous drink.

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Alternatively, rather than blending cooked fruit, you can use a spoon to ‘muddle’ the fruit together. This will give more of a natural fruity taste and creates a thicker smoothie consistency. We did this with our Cherry Gin cocktail - by slowly cooking the cherries in the Skillet, then squashing them together for a more authentic taste.

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