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The Art of Distilling Gin


For Ginuary we are working with the wonderful Shropshire Distillery to bring you delightful gin cocktails and a unique distilling experience. Both from humbling beginnings, starting as small family run businesses in Shropshire, Kadai and the Shropshire Distillery share a passion to produce high quality products. 

The story behind every good bottle of Gin starts with botanicals. Offering a whole palette of different flavours, the best botanicals are sourced from all around the world. Every botanical used in the Shropshire Distillery's gin is handpicked, perfectly balancing each bottle. 

The next step in the process is loading the stills. The Shropshire Distillery has beautiful copper pots that are filled with neutral grain spirit and topped off with just the right amount of botanicals. The pots are then sealed so the distilling can begin. Exciting! Collecting just the heart of the Gin, the heads and tails of the spirit is cut out. The best way to do this is through nose and taste. 


The hearts are then purified with water. The purest water is used in the Shropshire Distillery gin extracted through their Reserve Osmosis system. Then it is time to bottle up this irresistible gin, finishing with a corked top and numbered label. 

The very warmest of welcomes from the Shropshire Distillery awaits anyone who wants to learn more about the interesting process.

Meet them, get to know them and discover their wonderful story with the Gin School Experience.

Explore their bespoke Gin distillery and take part in the distilling process yourself. Experiment with their ever-growing botanical wall and craft your very own gin concoction. 


The full experience includes:

  • Welcome drink
  • Meet and greet with the distiller, Emma
  • Your own work station, equipped with mini copper still
  • Botanical talk and work station introduction
  • Guidance and tutoring from our Distiller, Emma
  • Choose your botanicals, distil, bottle and wax seal your 70cl Gin creation ready to take home!
  • Each enjoy 4 different perfectly served G & Ts from The Shropshire Gin Collection
  • Finish with a G&T made with your Gin
  • Sample expressions of available Shropshire Distillery Limited Edition releases
  • 10% discount voucher for use on the day
  • Option to keep your recipe on file for reordering at a later date

To take part in the experience alone for £90 or share it with someone for £120. 

They also offer a Distillery Tour. The experience costs just £25 for 2 hours and includes: 

  • Welcome drink
  • Meet and Greet with Distiller, Emma
  • History of Gin and The Shropshire Distillery Story
  • Distillery Tour
  • Q & A
  • Enjoy 4 different perfectly served G & Ts from The Shropshire Gin Collection
  • 10% discount for use on the day

The perfect day trip or gift for your loved ones.

 Photography credit: the Shropshire Distillery 

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