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Mother's Day Gift Guide

Celebrate Mother's Day with a special gift.

Explore our Gift Guide below:

Champagne Cooler - £195 

The champagne cooler makes for an excellent gift this Mother's Day. Crafted with practicality in mind, it not only keeps your beverages chilled on sunny days but also serves as a stylish focal point for your garden or indoor parties.

Champagne_Cooler XM028_SP_1

4 Tier Tiffin Tin - £12

Tiffin Tins, or Dabbas, are a staple item found throughout India, used to transport lunch to busy workers – bringing food from homes and restaurants. They are perfect for storing spices or for use as a quirky reusable food container.

Tiffin_Tin Tiffin_Tin_2

Kadai Cookbook - £25 

A perfect present for outdoor cooking enthusiasts. Explore diverse techniques for cooking over an open flame and uncover delicious recipes for your next barbecue.

Cookbook_2 Cookbook

40cm Original Kadai - £99-£125

Small in size but bursting with character, these antique bowls are steeped in history and would have been used as cooking bowls throughout India many years ago, a very special gift this Mother’s Day.

Original_Kadai Original_Kadai_3

Set of 6 Chai Glasses -  £22

These elegant Chai Glasses are traditionally used throughout India to serve tea and make an excellent gift this Mother’s Day. Whether for mulled wine or a summer tipple, they are perfect for parties, delivering drinks to your guests in their handy carrier.

Chai_Glasses XZ001_SP_3

Tray Table - £79 

This useful Tray makes a great side table for bringing those essential nibbles, drinks and seasonings from indoors, whilst cooking on the Kadai. It is equally useful as an additional table when entertaining guests, and the stand can simply fold down for storing when not in use.

XM056_SP_1 XM056_SP_2

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