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Christmas Gift Guide 2020

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With the last few days to get your Kadai orders in time for Christmas, we have come up with the perfect gift guide to make your decisions easy and fast. 


For the firebowl admirer who has had a Kadai on their Christmas list for a while we have some amazing bowls currently in stock, and a great range of accessories to get them started.

  1. 120cm Original Firebowl with Grill starting at £995 - Our Original bowls are steeped in history, with some being up to 100 years old. These large Firebowls will make a show-stopping centrepiece to a garden and are perfect for a socially-distanced Christmas party.
  2. Riddle £16 - Used to clean your Kadai Beads to keep you Firebowl in tip-top condition.
  3. Barbecue Tool £9 - Such a useful utensil to have when barbecuing on a Kadai. Great for flipping and moving food around the grill.
  4. Zhara Roasting Pan £24 - A large pan with long handle that can be used on the grill, straight in the flame, or with the Barbecue Cloche. Also, prefect for roasting chestnuts during this festive season.
  5. 70cm Recycled on High Stand with free Grill Trays £217 - Grab a great deal this Christmas with our Recycled Firebowls and free accessories. The Grill Trays are such a versatile piece of cookware and the 70cm is a great all-rounder size bowl.
  6. Grill Lifter £8 - A great staple accessory to have as a new Firebowl owner. This gadget helps you instantly transform your barbecue into a firebowl without having to wait for the grill to cool down!

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If your gift recipient is just looking for a garden feature that allows them to send more time outdoors during the winter months then a firepit would be the perfect present.

  1. 60cm Original Firebowl starting at £225 - Our Original bowls are steeped in history, with some being up to 100 years old. These grill-less firebowls are perfect for keeping your garden guests warm.
  2. Kindling Axe £19.50 - A useful tool to have fireside so you can always keep the fire roaring - also comes in a lovely sheath.
  3. Persian Nickel Lantern £49 - A beautiful lantern that finishes off any space.
  4. Toasting Fork £8 - The perfect accessory for a firepit ... the Toasting Fork can be used to cook marshmallows, pigs in blankets, toast and other easy treats to snack on whilst enjoying the flickering flames.
  5. Roasting Oven £39 - Another cookware accessory that pairs brilliantly with a firepit. lace the Roasting Oven straight onto the flames and create amazing dishes, including these festive Chocolate Orange Campfire Brownies.

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For the Kadai Firebowl owner who already has the set-up, take a look at our best-selling accessories to take their Kadai game to the next level.

  1. Set of 2 Teak Chopping Boards £28 - Good food isn't just about cooking, it's also about presentation. Show off Kadai cooks on these beautiful and classic chopping boards.
  2. Ladle £9 - Perfect for serving warming chili or festive mulled wine.
  3. Cooking Tripod starting at £29 - This item adds a whole new versatility to a Firebowl ... the Cooking Tripod can have a multitude of cooking accessories hung from it, allowing loads of new dishes to be created.
  4. Set of 3 Grill Trays £34 - These trays can be used to keep dishes and food seperate, which can be so useful when catering for different dietary requirements.
  5. Kadai Gloves starting at £12 - An essential fireside item, making it easy to handle Kadai accessories, logs and moving the bowl.
  6. Chapati Pan £12 - A traditional Indian pan for cooking flat breads - the perfect accompaniment for soaking up a delicious curry.

Last order day for Christmas delivery is 10th December. All prices and products were correct at the time of publishing.
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