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We Stand with India

India is facing extremely difficult times and we at Kadai are supporting our friends and craftspeople in the subcontinent. We encourage you to also do what you can to support India and look into ways you can help. There are some great charities like Give India and closer to our hearts, The Sambhali Trust.

We have worked with The Sambhali trust for many years and want to get them as much support as we can during this unprecedented crisis. They are raising money to help empower women and children in India during Covid-19 and we have donated £500 to the cause. However, we need our wonderful customers help us raise more - we have set up a page to support the Sambhali fundraiser and would really appreciate it if we could reach our target of £1000. We will also add another £500, bringing the total to £2000.

The Sambhlai Trust works to provide education, financial aid and counselling to the women of the Dalit caste in Rajasthan. In India there is a rigid social class system and the Dalits are considered at the bottom. Facing violence and discrimination from other causes, they are stuck in a cycle of poverty with women suffering the most.


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