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The True Original Firebowl

DSCN2493_2Original Firebowls were the start of Kadai Ltd and main idea that sparked the company’s humble beginnings. The inspiration we felt from seeing how these beautiful bowls were used across India made way for us to create best-selling Firebowl barbecue company on the market.

Each Original Firebowl on the Kadai website is steeped in history and has its own story to tell. They were made hundreds of years ago from repurposed metal; some have even shown evidence of being made from old ships. At weddings and festivals curries were cooked within the bowls and a fire was made underneath - they were the centre of a celebration and brought people together. Every so often we find family names etched onto the inside of the bowl, documentation that the bowl used to be the hub of family gatherings. 

In 2004 we showcased the first Original as an impressive water feature at RHS Chelsea Flower Show, with our associated company, Wilstone. After some experimenting at home a year later, we
 put the fire inside the bowl and the Kadai was born. From there grills, stands and accessories were added, plus our own versions of the Original Firebowl were hand-produced by skilled Indian artisans.

Even though we have developed our own designs and the business has expanded tenfold, we still stay true to our roots and stock beautiful Original Firebowls. We knew we had to share these  amazing bowls with our customers and, over the years, have hand-picked Originals from Rajasthan and Gujarat. They are a true show-stopper for anybody's outdoor space and hope they become the centre of your celebration.


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