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Sweet Smoked Apples

With Autumn in full swing and Bonfire Night just around the corner we wanted to create some tasty, warming treats for you to enjoy. Using a Kadai Firebowl and Roasting Oven we made Sweet Smoked Apples and couldn’t wait to share the recipe.


The Roasting Oven is such a versatile accessory to have – allowing you to explore a new cooking style. So, grab some apples and let’s get smoking:

1. Slice off the top of the apples and core them.

2. Using a knife create a larger hole in the centre.

3. In a small bowl combine melted butter, cinnamon and sugar.

4. Create multiple incisions on the outside of the apples and brush over the butter mixture – making sure some seeps in to the notches.

5. Place onto a square of foil and fill the centre with caramel and pecans.

6. Wrap the foil around the apples and place in the Roasting Oven.

7. Place the Roasting oven directly onto the embers of your Kadai and leave for around 15 minutes.

Hope you enjoy your Sweet Smoked Apples and let us know how good they tasted.


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