E-voucher Terms & Conditions

Buying a Kadai E-voucher 

Kadai E-Vouchers are a great way to send a Kadai fire gift to a friend, colleague or family-member.

You can buy single or multiple vouchers in £5, £10, £30, £50 and £100 increments up to any amount.

Each individual voucher can be redeemed against any single online purchase.

Here are a few tips for sending your Kadai E-Voucher

  • Please enter the recipient's email address with care to avoid typing errors.
  • Use a recognisable name so that the recipient can clearly identify who has sent the E-Voucher.
  • Generally E-Vouchers should arrive within 30 minutes of being ordered. 

Q1) How do I order a Kadai E-Voucher

Kadai E-Vouchers are in the Love Kadai Deals section of our website, www.kadai.com.

Select the desired gift amount, add in the recipient details and add an optional gift message. 

Click the Add to Basket button. The E-Voucher will be added to the shopping bag total at the top right hand corner of the site. 

If you'd like to order another E-Voucher, complete the order form again page and click the Add to Basket button.

Q2) When will the E-Voucher arrive? 

Generally the E-Voucher should arrive within 30 minutes of being ordered.

Q3) Will I receive confirmation that my E-Voucher has been sent?

An e-mail confirming the E-Voucher order and the recipient's voucher number(s) will be sent to whoever ordered the voucher's e-mail address.

If the E-Voucher is undelivered after 3 attempts, an e-mail will be sent to the customer who ordered the E-Voucher asking them to contact us.

Q4) Does Kadai charge for delivery of an E-Voucher? 

No, there are no delivery charges on an E-Voucher. 


Q1) Do I need to activate my Kadai E-Voucher?

No, the E-Voucher is activated as soon as we email it to the recipient.

Q2) How do I check the balance? 

Each voucher is worth the amount printed on the voucher in the unique code and can be redeemed against any single online purchase on www.kadai.com so there will be no balance once used.

Q3) If I buy something worth less than the face value of the E-Voucher can I use it again?

The voucher can only be redeemed against a single purchase and cannot be used again. 

Q4) Is there an expiry period for my E-Voucher?

Kadai E-Vouchers are valid for 24 months from the date it is sent to the recipient. 

Q5) Can I redeem an E-Voucher in store?

The Kadai E-Voucher can only be used against an online purchase at www.Kadai.com.

Q6)  What products can I purchase using a Kadai  E-Voucher?

You can buy any product on the Kadai website. 

E-Vouchers cannot be used to buy Gift Cards or E-Vouchers or pay the account used to purchase them.

Q7)  Can I use my e-Voucher as part payment?

Yes, you can pay the difference by adding in your additional card payment details at the checkout as usual.

Q8) What happens if my E-Voucher is lost?

Your E-Voucher is valuable. Please keep your unique voucher number secure. We cannot accept responsibility for your E-Voucher if it is lost or used without permission. 

Q9) What is your returns policy?

If you buy an item with a voucher you gain the same rights as any other online customer. 

Data Protection

Your privacy is our highest priority - Your details will only be used to process orders, gather feedback & data regarding our products & services and to send you promotional material (if opted into this service).