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Paella Pan


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Weight   4.7kg

The Paella Pan is ideal for risottos, curries, stir fries and of course paella!

  • 48cm diameter.
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    perfect paella

    Rating: 5 out of 5

    and perfect jambalaya too!
    My better half's favourite is paella with ex-pat parents in Spain, and having converted to the joys of log-fired firebowl cooking, and investing in this serious paella pan, she is one happy lady.
    It is properly heavy to stop the bottom from sticking too much, but gives the authentic crust, it is a great size for 6 - 8 people. And of course leftovers reheat so well in the microwave for a speedy supper on Monday nights!
    I actually prefer to cook jambalaya in it, the similar Cajun dish with long grain rice, it is even easier than paella plus packs a spicy zing.
    We love this paella pan like all the Kadai kit, serious and long-lasting, a great investment x

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