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Charcoal Starter


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Weight   2.5kg

REDUCED FROM £39.50. The quickest way to get charcoal hot and ready for use without the mess or fuss. Simply put three lit firelighters in your Kadai firebowl, place the Charcoal Starter on top and fill with charcoal, after about 10 minutes empty into your Kadai firebowl.

  • Boxed: Length 34cm x Width 27cm x Height 40cm.
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    Fantastic Bit of Kit!!

    Rating: 5 out of 5

    I was sceptical about this, but this fantastic bit of kit has my kadai ready to cook in under 15mins. It's so convenient and so quick. It eradicates all that long, frustrating wait for your coals to be ready before you can start to cook and because it is so quick, it transforms the way you use your Kadai, making it a far more regular thing instead of weekends only. They have also altered the design and incorporated a protective plate to guard the wooden handle - this is good because the handle on my original charcoal starter got so hot that it split and fell off. Also the inside base plate fell out! I have high hopes for my new one!!

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