The Original Kadai Fire Bowl - Authentic & Timeless

Each Original Kadai Fire Bowl is steeped in history and has its own story to tell. They were made hundreds of years ago from thick wrought iron plates that were hand riveted by family workshops, who for generations have only made Kadais. These beautiful bowls were used in the home but also at weddings and festivals to cook huge feasts where they were the centre of the celebration bringing people together. Sometimes we find family names etched onto the inside of the bowl which suggests how valued these Kadais are and many are still in use today.

When we discovered that Kadais make the perfect firepit over 25 years ago we started searching for these amazing firebowls, handpicking them from across Rajasthan and Gujarat. They are a true show-stopper for anybody's outdoor space, acting as a perfect garden fire bowl to enjoy with friends and family.

Each Original Kadai comes with a stand, Kadai beads and is fitted with our unique filter system to drain any water. Grills can be fitted to convert the Kadai into a barbecue and then lifted out for use as a firebowl. Depending on the size of the Original the majority of Kadai accessories can be used. For example the Cooking Tripod and its accessories will elevate a new dimension to cooking possibilities. 

Shop for Fire Bowls in the UK now and discover your Original.