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Looking after your Kadai

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A Kadai Firebowl is something that can be used throughout the year. We have put together our top tips for keeping your Kadai Firebowl happy in the colder and wetter months.

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The simplest technique to protect and revive your Kadai is Owatrol oil. You can use it on anything that will not be in direct contact with food -
it drives out moisture and air and stabilises the metal to protect it from future damage. You can get Owatrol oil in the handy Kadai Care Kit, which also includes a brush, abrasive pads and a cloth - all kept together in a tidy pouch.

Vegetable oil is a quick and easy way to help protect any of your Kadai products. Give things a light rub down with wire wool, then apply oil with kitchen roll.

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For a seamless and elegant look grab one of our Firebowl Shields in the Wilstone or Recycled style. These metal tops will keep out all the elements and can also double up as a worktop or snuffer. Use our Kadai Hooks to easily store your shield when not in use. 

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The water-resistant Kadai Canvas Cover keeps the rain out and your Kadai Beads dry and ready for use - perfect for any wet weather months. A pole is included to help support the cover and has an adjustable toggle around the base to keep it secure. 


The biggest and best tip we can give you about keeping your Kadai Firebowl and accessories perfect all year round is to keep them sheltered or in a garage when they are not being used. The metal will oxidise from rainfall, but we at Kadai think it’s part of the natural charm of the Firebowls and gives it a rustic edge, reminding us of its roots in India. However, this may not be everyone’s desired look, so get it somewhere dry when the heavens decide to open.

We hope these tips will keep your Kadai protected and fun to use all year round. Get in touch if you have any more questions about caring for your Kadai Firebowl at customer.service@kadai.com

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