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Kadai Cooking - From plot to plate

Here at Kadai HQ, we all share a passion for our products and one other very important thing...food.

And with an array of outdoor living accessories at our disposal, it would be rude not to make the most of them to create some delicious Kadai Firebowl recipes for you all to enjoy.

Allow me to introduce our fabulous Kadai Cooks:

Emma & Kate

(Best friends for 20 years)

bacn 2.jpgkate pic small


This talented twosome have been busy developing some delicious recipes for us to share with our customers.

The concept is simple, taking each one of our cooking accessories, Emma & Kate hope to create 3 options to be cooked with each accessory. There will be a meat, fish and vegetarian option available, and these ladies will be touring the country testing them out on our Kadai Firebowls.

The idea began over 5 years ago when both Emma & Kate started cooking with the Kadai Firebowls at parties and friends' houses. It was an instant hit, and the parties continued. It then required a larger audience, why shouldn't more people experience this great product? The girls began by running cooking demonstration events at our retail premises in Leebotwood, Shropshire. People loved to see the bowls in action, I think it alleviates people's doubts as to how a Kadai Firebowl may work differently to a standard barbecue, (and the secret is it works the same way!) Once people see its unique cooking abilities, well, the rest is history :-) 

These events were the starting point of something that is taking shape more and more everyday. Emma & Kate have been signed up to cook at a small selection of garden centres across the country, starting with the magnificent Burford Garden Centre in Oxfordshire this Saturday, the 16th April. Using a lamb kofta recipe, the girls will be creating tasty treats using Burfords own lamb.

Emma and Kate's ambitions have taken another giant step forward, in promoting self-sufficiency and outdoor living, in truly Shropshire style, they have taken on an allotment in Church Stretton. In order to experience outdoor living in it's raw form, the dynamic duo are busy developing their land to give them yearround, seasonal vegetables, fit for the Kadai! Developing recipes using your own, homegrown fruit and veg, true country style.

The girls eventually want to build up a strong network of local producers, from which they hope to source all aspects of Kadai cooking. Such as Ludlow Food Centre, who have recently become part of the Kadai family, showcasing our Kadai Firebowls in their flagship store, and inviting the girls to go and demonstrate the best of outdoor living later this year. If you haven't yet been to Ludlow Food Centre, I must recommend that you go, especially if you love good food!

So, our Kadai cooks have been busy, busy; let me share some of their progress:

Let's not forget Jim and Milo, also part of the Kadai family.

jimmmyyyyMilo looking forward under window

I am personally looking forward to more of Emma and Kate's delicious paella recipes:

And the mackerel that was cooked to perfection, with Kate's signature glaze:


All recipes will be available to download from our new website from the 1st May 2016. Check out www.kadai.com to find out more.

As you can see, team Kadai have a lot on their plates, but things are moving along nicely, and you never know, the girls could be at a garden centre near you soon. Keep an eye out!

For more information about our cooking events or keep up with the team and find out what's happening next, find us on Facebook (Kadai Firebowls - Home of the original firebowl), Twitter @kadaifirebowls or Instagram (kadaifirebowls).

Next Blog to follow: A day at Kadai HQ, a sneaky peek behing the scenes, meet the wonderful people who work hard to bring you the very best in outdoor living.

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