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How To Season Your Kadai Cookware

Our heavy based cookware needs to be seasoned if you need it to be non-stick. This needs a little patience the first time you use it but it's very simple. You can do it on your Kadai or over a gas stove beforehand. You'll need kitchen paper and vegetable oil. 

1. Heat up your cookware (let's assume its a Chapati Pan and you're making pancakes) until it's scorching hot.

2. Soak your kitchen paper in vegetable oil and carefully wipe it over the pan.

3. Reheat until the oil evaporates then repeat the process.

4. The pan will gradually change colour every time you wipe and reheat.

5. The pan is ready when it is black and glossy.  

wiping_resized_smallheating_the_panfinished chapati pan_1

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