Kadai Cover & Pole

Thank you for purchasing the water resistant Kadai Canvas Cover.

The cover is designed to fit over the Kadai whilst sat on a Kadai Stand and is supported by our specially designed Cover Pole

For general summer use:  

· Place the Cover Frame Pole in the centre of the Kadai, if you are using double grills then the pole will fit between the grill bars and fit the cover over the top.

· Or if you are using the ‘Holi’ grill then simply remove the centre piece.

· Put together the 2 pieces of the pole, then nestle the flat base into the Kadai Beads in the bottom of the bowl.

· Fit the cover over the top of the pole, ensuring the cover is centred on the pole, then use the clips to secure the cover under the bowl.

The Kadai Canvas Cover is water resistant; however, we would recommend storing your Kadai inside over the winter.

Guarantee Conditions:

Your Kadai Accessory is guaranteed for 1 year against manufacturing defects.

The Wilstone conditions of guarantee only apply to material and/or construction faults already present at delivery. Excluded are defects arising from wrong or improper use of the accessory such as damage by corrosive substances, incorrect maintenance, repair by non- experts, as well as damages occurring from not following or incorrect use of the instructions.

If your Kadai accessory develops a warranty fault then it is your responsibility to return your accessory to the place of original purchase along with the receipt

To see other accessories in the Kadai range visit www.kadai.com

Kadai Firebowls is a registered trademark of Wilstone House & Gardens Ltd.

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