Kadai Care Kit

Care Kit - Instructions

Thank you for purchasing a Care Kit for your Kadai.  

Contents: 100ml tin of Owatrol Oil, 1” Oil Brush, Abrasive Cleaning Pad, Cotton Cloths.

How to use your Care Kit:

· Your fire bowl will take on a natural oxidised finish, this is part of the character of your Kadai and is not a problem, but to extend the life of your bowl see below.

· We recommend that the Kadai bowl is coated with Owatrol Oil at least once a year

· Using the abrasive pad, rub down your Kadai to remove any loose rust. Do not remove the firm rust – the Owatrol Oil adheres to, and penetrates best in these areas

· Use the 1” Oil Brush to sparingly apply the Owatrol Oil to the Kadai, inside and out

· Take a cotton cloth and rub over the wet Owatrol Oil to spread it out evenly, remove any excess to

achieve an even sheen. When dry this will give the Kadai a matt oiled finish

· If required you can apply further coats, this will give greater protection and also add lustre to the finish

· Leave to dry for 24 hours before lighting your Kadai

When used in conjunction with Kadai Beads, this will give you many years of use and enjoyment

Please note that we recommend that your Kadai is stored inside during the winter

Kadai is a registered trademark of Wilstone House & Gardens Ltd.

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