How to light your Kadai

How to light your Kadai

Requirements to light a Kadai:

· Kadai Beads

· Kindling

· Charcoal (preferably lumpwood) or Wood

· Matches

· Firelighters or Newspaper

· Heat resistant gloves

· Safety glasses

Lighting the Kadai with kindling and charcoal:

1. Must have between 8 – 10cm of Kadai Beads in the bottom of the Kadai (evenly spread out)

2. Make a ‘Jenga’ effect with the kindling

3. Place a firelighter in the middle of the ‘Jenga’ – then light the firelighters. (At this step its recommended to wear gloves and safety glasses)

4. Wait five minutes for the fire to get going, until you have a nice bed of heat

5. Hand load (wearing gloves) the lumpwood charcoal onto the fire until you have a good sized heap (remember charcoal will reduce in size quickly). For an all-day cooking event you would need a minimum of 10kg of lump charcoal)

6. Wait a few of minutes for the charcoal to start glowing

7. Once the fire is going strong place the grills inside the Kadai, and prepare to start cooking

Lighting the Kadai using the Charcoal Starter:

1. Must have between 8 – 10cm of Kadai Beads in the bottom of the Kadai (evenly spread out)

2. In the centre of the Kadai place some scrunched up newspaper and a couple of firelighters or kindling (It’s recommended to use gloves while handling firelighters and charcoal).

3. Then hand fill the charcoal starter three quarters full of lumpwood charcoal (ensure there are no extra large pieces of charcoal inside)

4. Light the newspaper and place the charcoal starter over the top in the Kadai (place the two charcoal starter handles on the same side of the starter)

5. Wait around 20 minutes for the charcoal to be up to temperature, then pour the charcoal out of the starter onto the Kadai Beads

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