Travel Kadai

Care & Use

How to use your Travel Kadai

  1. Cover the bottom of the bowl evenly with about 5cm of Kadai Beads. This ensures your fire bowl will retain the heat for longer, raise the level of the charcoal closer to the grill and insulates some of the heat to help prevent burns on the ground underneath your Kadai.
  2. Make sure your Kadai is on a level surface before lighting.
3. If you are using your Kadai as a barbecue:
  • We recommend using lumpwood charcoal or charcoal briquettes.
  • Surrond firelighters with charcoal and light.
  • The Kadai should be heated up and the fuel kept red hot for at least 30 minutes prior to cooking.
  • Do NOT cook before the fuel has a coating of ash and is grey-white in colour.
  • Once you have finished cooking you can continue to use your Kadai as a fire bowl by lifting off the grill with the tongs provided and adding small pieces of wood to get the fire going - it might smoke a little untilt he flames take hold.
4. If you are using your Kadai as a fire bowl:

  • Using dry wood is best; the dryer the wood the less smoke it will produce.
  • Make a pyramid using paper with kindling or firelighters, then light and gradually add larger pieces of wood.

Care and maintenance of your Kadai

  • Your Firepit will take on a natural rust, this is part of the character of the bowl.
  • Periodically use wire wool on the bowl, stand and tongs to remove any loose rust.
  • Regular vegetable oiling of the grill and bowl will keep it in good condition.
  • We recommend that your Firepit is stored undercover during the winter.
  • The grill is pre-coated with cooking oil that has been heated to cure it (similar to a wok) but this will burn off during the first use.
  • After use it is advisable to clean the grill with a wire brush and hot soapy water, dry with a cloth, coat with cooking oil and then store in a dry place. 
  • All of this can be achieved with the Kadai Care Kit.

The Firebowl and accessories will be hot when used, please ensure that these items have cooled down completely before placing in the duffle bag.

For your safety

  • Do NOT use indoors, in a garage, enclosed area or under any form of combustible roof! The Travel Kadai is for outdoor use only.
  • Do NOT use spirits or petrol for lighting or re-lighting your Firebowl. Only use firelighters complying with EN 1860-3.
  • The Firebowl will become VERY hot, do NOT move it whilst it’s lit.
  • Keep children and pets away.

Guarantee Conditions

Your Kadai is guaranteed for 1 year with the use of the Kadai beads against manufacturing defects. This can be extended to 5 years warranty by filling in the online form. The Kadai conditions of guarantee only apply to material and/or construction faults already present at delivery. Excluded are defects arising from wrong or improper use of the Kadai such as damage by corrosive substances, incorrect maintenance, repair by non- experts, as well as damages occurring from not following the instructions.

Please note: any products purchased from one of our stockist outlets must be returned to the original place of purchase.

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