Original Kadai Fire Bowls

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Wilstone started importing original Kadai cooking bowls from India in 2004 as planters, water features and fire bowls. From these humble beginnings the presence of the Kadai as a worldwide brand for the best fire bowl on the market has become legendary.

Up to 100 years old, each Original Kadai bowl has its own individuality, steeped in history having been used by families at weddings and ceremonies placed directly above the fire to heat food for the guests. Cooking with ghee, the process has repeatedly oiled the bowl's plates, providing longevity to restart their life as a barbecue and firebowl. The Originals are made of heavy gauged metal which helps them stand the test of time. 

An original Kadai Firebowl provides the versatility and practicality of a  BBQ/Firebowl, with a touch of history and a dash of added character. A true Indian relic, a worthy centrepiece for any garden. 

Your Original bowl will come with a choice of stands:

Tudor Stand (previously Tripod Stand) - at 9" in height, provides an ideal height for using the bowl as a fire pit or for barbecuing whilst sitting.

Gothic Stand - at 18" in height, provides a more decorative stand to create a feature of the bowl and is a good height for cooking with friends whilst standing, or for an impressive elevated fire.

To gauge the size of Kadai you require, work out how many people your Kadai will need to feed and heat. For 6-8 people, a 70cm Kadai is ideal. 8-10 people would be better served by an 80cm Kadai, 10-12 people by a 90cm Kadai and so on.

The large cooking area of the Kadai grills means that a wide range of foods can be cooked at once. See our accessories range to enhance your cooking experience.

Please note: Diameters and weights of each Original Kadai may vary, as each is hand-made with the metal available at the time. The thickness and size of the plates can vary also.

As our Original Kadais are in limited supply (due to us having to source them from India) there may be a short wait before your preferred size is available.

The Original Kadais are all fitted with our patented filter system. If you do not require this please call 01694 751279 / 283.

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